Method of action and pillage

This outlaw uses an agile, sharp eye, which stays always open on the lookout. It has been trained by the feared pirate/doctor Dr. William Bates, who wreaked havoc in Man-hatten at the beginning of another century. With maximum range and tremendous flexibility, it always attacks where it is least expected.


The other eye, trained by another pirate/writer, the elusive Aldous Huxley*, remains always closed and oriented towards the depths of the soul, dreamer of the countless centuries-old treasures that other bandits have accumulated throughout history… and that serve him as a guide for the accretion of profits.

When both eyes focus on the same point, in the place called “intuition”, thunder and lightning reduce reality to pearl-pixels, arranged in rectangular photons which are, promptly and with impunity, captured by the bandit.



* Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing, L’art de voir, Un Arte de Ver, L’arte di vedere, Die Kunst des Sehens