The loot

To the intentional and interested (and secret) attention of the Distinguished Connoisseurs, of all the Courts of this World.

Only to give in, of course, in exchange of gleaming gold doubloons.

Several raids are currently running, but the results of the most recent ones will appear on the Market soon:



- Pillage in Japan (Done !)

In English
Japan, as -already- captured
Japan, as -alr…
Daniel Costa-Llobet
Photo book
En Español
El Japón, como-ya- lo he capturado
El Japón, como…
Daniel Costa-Llobet
Photo book
En Français
Le Japon, tel que -déjà- capturé
Le Japon, tel …
Daniel Costa-Llobet
Photo book

- Capture of the animals of the world.

Available soon (some of the best preys) on the Flik-Flak or pataplim-pataplam exchange markets. Let’s show here, in the waiting and to work up an appetite, two examples of capture :


Dragon captured in Bali

Lion captured in Flanders