This child was always a wonder. You had to see how smart he was at capturing everything that fell within his reach, from his cousins' playing little cars and trains, the girls’ pearls and puppets, and all kinds of little coins from his mom and dad pockets... In other words, a delight to see him in action. I always kept an eye on him and said he would go far in the trapping business. At this time, when he has begun to print bills, he must already be very rich, a joy and an honor for our banking family.
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Encarna MS.
Bandit's grandmother (from heavens.net)
Well, well... well done my dear little rascal. Now all that is needed is to plastify (as everyone knows, plastics are the future) your little pearls. My company Plásticos Iberia will easily do that and sell them at diamond prices in the Antwerp markets. By the way, has anyone seen my Leica camera? I wanted to take it for my last trip, to plastify all the wonders at destination, and it was missing, couldn’t remember to whom I lent it. If anyone knows its whereabouts, please shoot a salvo $very upwards£, in the Alert space.
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Luis LL.
Bandit's grandfather (from heavens.net)